Strawberry Office provides administrative support to small businesses.

When you started your business you probably wore many hats and did everything yourself from processing emails, scheduling social media, answering enquiries to marketing. Approximately 12 to 18 months later and you are still doing everything. However, you are now at the stage where your business has grown and becoming overwhelmed by the amount of administration being generated.  

You have now reached the stage where you want to expand your business. To do this you need more hours in the day.

This is where I can help.

By outsourcing your routine administration and the tasks you don’t need to do, you will create the time to enable you to achieve your goals. More importantly, that feeling of overwhelm will be removed.

If you’re ready to call in some help and let go of those tasks you’re no longer able to manage yourself – get in touch. Let’s talk, and see how we can free up your time and get your business growing faster and more efficiently!

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