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Global Recycling Day

Today is Global Recycling Day. As a scuba diver, I have seen for myself the effects of waste in the sea and the amounts of rubbish washed up on the shoreline.

Whenever possible, I try to use eco-friendly products and recycle as much as I can. Which got me thinking about the working office environment and how we can adapt to an eco-friendlier way of working.

Here are some ideas:


      • Use recycled paper.
      • Use scrap paper for notes.
Printer Cartridges
      • Use refillable ink cartridges.
      • Recycle ink cartridges.
      • Use energy saving LED light bulbs.
      • Use eco-friendly office supplies.
      • Use refillable pens and pencils.
      • Consider using second hand office furniture.


Thank you for reading.



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